University Selection

Don't have time to spend hours exploring & researching schools and applying to them? Let us do the basic ground work for you. Our admission experts are here to help you apply to the right schools the right way.

Our expert Admission Counselors work with you to make the most of your chances of receiving admission offers. We work exclusively on your skills by ensuring that you apply to the right Universities that match your profile and reaches to your end goal. In case, the student doesn't adopt a systematic approach to choose Universities, they may end up applying to the unrelated or irrelevant Universities.

The personalized guidance by experienced counselors on admission perspective will help you finalize your dream University plan with a realistic roadmap. We run a reality check – a check of your scores, credentials, work experiences, your stature as compared to other applicants and categorize your schools into the following:

Dream Schools

where you stand less than or up to 50 %

Reach Schools

where you have fairly good chances i.e. 50-80 % chances

Safe Schools

where you have 80 % or more chances

With the wealth of knowledge & experience that our counselors have, saves your time & money and help you connect to the right university after vigilantly reviewing your profile. Our counselors help you in the decision making, by doing the much monotonous research work for you. We carefully weigh up the pros and cons of applying to any particular school/ university and answer your queries on all matters constantly.

SEC Academy Statistics Facts

Students enrolled in this service

Students accepted to their first university choice

Students accepted to their second university choice

Application - Essay/SOP/Resume Editing

Once you are sure of the Universities you want to apply to, the next step is to build up the application essays, letters of recommendation, resumes etc. These letters along with the candidate’s resume are vital since it gives the University’s admissions committee an insight and impression of your personality and individual skills.

Incomplete application packet or inaccurate application forms lead to confirmed rejection and results in wastage of time, money and effort. Our Language Writing Editors closely interact with you to know you as a person and work on understanding your aspirations. We customize your essays/SOPs/resumes according to your profile, ability and personality. We ensure that they reflect your portrayal as an individual that helps in enhancing your selection prospects.

This is how our Language Writing Editors makes the letters and resumes magnificently:

Develop a crisp and clear resume to coat the best picture to reach your dream University

Magnify your strengths and tone down your weaknesses

Make customized professional Letters of Recommendation (LORs)

Edit the application essays and the Statement of Purpose (SOPs)

Arrange and represent strong skills plus qualifications in your profile

Interview Preparation Services

Once the application form or resume is submitted and reviewed by the admissions committee, the next step is how to prepare for interviews that might be conducted by the Universities abroad. This is the one vital step to get admission in your dream school/ university.

With the purpose to crack the interview, you need to be assured of the skills you carry. More importantly, the way you represent yourself as a person in the F2F interview, leaves long-term impression on the person sitting opposite. And, we do provide all of those services in preparing and developing your skills.

Why We Are Best?

Interview Preparation is the finale step towards University admissions and we have the expert faculty who train and prepare you for the face-to-face round of interview. Certainly, the faculty has hands-on vast experience of years in practical & academic training and is real professionals who think, understand thoroughly, and prepare you to perform the best in interview.

How We Work?

firstly our experienced interview training professionals thoroughly comprehend your basic level of understanding. Then secondly, help you prepare for interviews by conducting periodic mock interview sessions. Indeed, after mock interview tests we share our feedback with you, in order to make necessary improvements and to enhance interview giving skills needed in the interview. Hence this will absolutely boost up your self-confidence and makes you come out as a positive & confident candidate.
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