English Level Test

هذا أختبار مكون من 25 سؤال ليساعدك في تحديد مستوى اللغة الانجليزية خاصتك، أرجو أختيار خيار واحد فقط لكل سؤال ومن ثم أضغط على" فحص النتيجة" لتحصل على النتيجة والمستوى الخاص بك.

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1. What is your name?
 A. My name are Adam
 B. Is Adam
 C. My name is Adam
 D. I was Adam

2 How old are you?
 A.  I has 35 years old
 B.  I am 35 years old
 C.  I will 35 years old
 D.  I Age is 35 years

3. I live ______ the 2nd floor
 A.  In
 B.  On
 C.  By
 D.  Through

4. After meeting someone for the first time, what sentence do you use:
 A.  Long time no see
 B.  Nice to meet you
 C.  See you next time
 D.  All of the above

5. I_____ tired
 A.  Are
 B.  Is
 C.  Am
 D.  Were

6. I have a doctor appointment________
 A.  On Saturday
 B.  In Saturday
 C.  At Saturday
 D.  By Saturday

7. How_______ sugar would you like?
 A.  Many
 B.  Much

8. How ______ cars do you have?
 A.  Many
 B.  Much

9. ________ he like to play football?
 A.  Do
 B.  Does
 C.  Have
 D.  Has

10. I don’t have any money ______ me
 A.  With
 B.  In
 C.  By
 D.  On

11. Case: let’s assume you have lost your keys, how would you question the situation:
 A.  I have lost my keys, did anyone see them?
 B.  Where are my keys?
 C.  Can you please help me find my keys?
 D.  All of the above

12. Case: you want to ask for directions to the train station, how would you question the situation:
 A.  I am lost, how is the train station?
 B.  I am lost, I want train station!
 C.  I am lost, how can I get to the train station?
 D.  I am lost, where does I go to the train station?

13. He is______ very fast
 A.  Drived
 B.  Drives
 C.  Driving
 D.  Drive

14. Case: you want to watch TV, which phrasal verb is the correct one to use in this situation:
 A.  Lay off the TV
 B.  Turn off the TV
 C.  Turn in the TV
 D.  Turn on the TV

15. Case: you want someone to take care of your son until your back home,
which phrasal verb is the correct one to use in this situation:
 A.  Look for my son
 B.  Look after my son
 C.  Look away my son
 D.  Look back my son

16. Please read the following paragraph and answer the following questions:

My name is Sara and I'm 24 years old. I come from Los Angeles. I enjoy doing many things in my free time.
For example, I like to read books and watch TV. If you ask me about my favorite books, then it would be the novel books.
In my opinion reading can help you to develop your English language.

a. Where does Sara come from?
 A.  New York
 B.  London
 C.  Paris
 D.  Los Angeles
b. What does Sara do in her free time?
 A.  Playing football and watching TV
 B.  Riding horses and reading books
 C.  Reading books and watching TV
 D.  Visiting friends and eating cultural food.
c. What kind of books does Sara like?
 A.  Fiction books
 B.  Action books
 C.  Business books
 D.  Novel books

17. We______ a great teacher
 A.  Has
 B.  Have
 C.  Does
 D.  Do

18. I was born ______ 1992
 A.  In
 B.  On
 C.  At
 D.  Through

19. _________ I almost done.
 A.  Wait for me
 B.  I would like
 C.  Don’t cry
 D.  Be sad

20. Which sentence is the corrected one
 A.  Mother in law = Your mother
 B.  Uncle = Father’s or mother’s sister
 C.  Nephew= Brother’s or sister’s son.
 D.  Great-grandfather= Your grandfather

21. Which sentence describes this proverb best “Better late than never”!
 A.  It’s better to always do things late
 B.  It’s never too late
 C.  It’s best to do something on time. But if you can’t do it on time, do it late
 D.  If you do it or don’t do it. It will not make any difference

22. Which sentence describes this proverb best “There’s no such thing as a free lunch”!
 A.  The word “ Free lunch” does not exist in the English language
 B.  Things that are offered for free always have a hidden cost
 C.  Best food are free food
 D.  No one will invite you for lunch

23. What is the plural word for “ Coffee”
 A.  Coffees
 B.  Coffee
 C.  Coffies
 D.  Coffyes

24. which word is considered as a countable word
 A.  Money
 B.  Table
 C.  Milk
 D.  Sugar

25. Which one of the following is considered the wrong synonyms
 A.  Happy = Glad
 B.  Stressed = Worried
 C.  Relieved = Relaxed
 D.  Optimistic= Pessimistic

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