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SEC Online Academy provides expert job seeker services to professionals of all industries and experience levels. SEC was formed to fill the growing gap between employee skills and job requirement. We at SEC are committed towards providing world class Resume Writing Services to our clients and helping them achieves their goals. We use a proven process for building Resumes with both substance and style. Our certified resume writers will provide you professionally sounded written resume that is developed from scratch and prepared on a reader-friendly format.

Now build a resume that gets more interviews, guaranteed flair of awesome writing; with top professional resume writers. We provide custom-made professionally written resume writing service, along with helpful career tips to help get your career on track. The most difficult part of writing a powerful and influential resume is being enough to communicate your basic introduction, your goals, experience history and how you have been successful in your career.

A well-written resume can be exceptionally designed to get you the interview you want to appear for. As you progress in your career, our resume writers magnificently add work experience, academic & professional qualifications, achievements etc. that brings more grace in resume. Hence, we have certified professionals who know how to bring on paper the talent you carry among other hundreds of candidates waiting for opportunity.

Clients who enrolled in Career Services

Clients who received career services and were able to land a job from their first interview

Clients who received career services and were able to develop their career path into a higher level

Clients who received career services and were able to switch their career field

Certainly, a well-written, professional resume is your ticket to a job you seek.

What you get by opting professional resume services:

A professional resume that create an excellent impression

Professional resumes are easier to believe

A strong represented resume often guarantee an interview line-up

An accurately written resume speaks directly to the employer in more clearer way

Strong mentioned points in resumes are often a sign of higher intelligence

Develop your personal identity and image

Proper articulation of career highlights and accomplishments

Writes your career history with a results-driven focus

Select your career level and let our proficient writers’ help you to be successful. We will deliver unmatched resumes that can help you reaching out to a real edge over other applicants. At SEC Academy, we have the personal marketing solution to meet your job search needs quite well

Interview Preparation Services (mock interview)

In every interview, your prime task is to convince a recruiter that you have the suitable skills, knowledge and experience required for the job. Sometimes, candidates fail to show enthusiasm and couldn\’t convince a recruiter to be carrying all the protocols set for the position. That you fit into the organization's culture, your profile matches with JD (job description), and this is when you get almost closer to an offer letter.

Why choose us?

We have that flavor of experienced professionals from different locations that will train and specifically prepare you for the interview you want to appear for. Through mock interviewing, feedback and tips, we prepare you to impress employers; get offers and take your career to the next level. The counselors instruct you how to make your first impression on the recruiter, how to dress up and so on.

How mock interviews are handled?

Mock interviews are one of the best ways to prepare for an actual employee’s interview, allowing you to gain the opportunity, experience and confidence to answer questions similar to ones that may be asked during your real interview.

Your Employment Counselor will take on the role of the interview and try to make the interview as realistic as possible by asking questions that are commonly asked for the type of job you are seeking. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to ask questions in return that you may want to ask during an actual interview.

Mock interviews generally take up to twenty minutes. Once completed, your employment counselor will discuss and critique your performance, giving you tips on what can be improved upon if necessary.

Along with you’ll get:

Interview guide and personal interview guidance tips

Our counselors are former counselors from repute top-ranked business schools

Professionals having expertise with over 10+ years of experience

One-to-one interview coaching delivery

Standardized mock interview test preparation strategy

Regular follow-ups and mock interview tests

Flexible coaching sessions taking place anywhere as per your needs

A great interview will get you the job offer you are looking for. Be totally sure and primed by working through a mock interview process. We prepare you exactly what they are looking for in a successful candidate and why you are the best fit for the job.

Let us help you land into your dream job!

* Secret interview tip*: people remember information they received in the form of stories. دوراتنا Our Price

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